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Tactical Asset Management (Tactical) takes the complexity and effort out of acquiring and asset-managing apartment buildings so that you can build your portfolio and create tax-advantaged wealth for you and your investors. Although attractive for their potential to create wealth and cash flow, apartments can be difficult to purchase and time consuming to manage – even with professional property management. We’re here to provide expert asset management and acquisition guidance so that you can benefit the most from your apartment holdings and scale your portfolio with confidence.

Tactical Asset Management

Our unique asset management service helps apartment owners and syndicators scale their portfolios without neglecting the critical components of asset management. We handle the day-to-day responsibilities of apartment ownership, while identifying and implementing initiatives to increase revenue and reduce expenses.

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Tactical Acquisitions

Our powerful apartment acquisition service draws upon an extensive industry network and proprietary systems to source, underwrite, and close on apartment communities nationwide. Regardless of your strategy, return mandate or special circumstances, we can be your expert acquisition partner in the field.

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Who CAN Benefit From Our Services?

Apartment Syndicators

…partner with us to asset manage their portfolios so they can focus on capital raising, acquisitions and scaling their business faster.

Apartment Owners

…trust us because we optimize their portfolio performance while keeping them informed and in control every step of the way.

Apartment Buyers

…leverage us to reach their financial targets and navigate the complex and competitive apartment acquisition landscape.

Asset Management

Revenue Optimization

We perform a detailed review of your current revenue performance and implement proven income increasing initiatives from day one.

Strategic Expense Control

We perform a detailed review of your current operating expenses and identify areas where spending can be reduced or eliminated.

Detailed Reporting

We work with Property Management to refine data capture and provide your team with high level and detailed reports on a weekly and monthly basis.

Hassle-Free Ownership

We make owning apartments painless and enjoyable. You’ll receive all the benefits of tax-advantaged wealth and cash flow, without having to deal with the day-to-day responsibilities of asset management.

Units Under Management

Million Assets Under Mgmt

Units Purchased

"Tactical has been a phenomenal asset to our organization. The team has brought strong systems and expertise to assist with the oversight of our properties. We are glad to have Tactical as part of our team."

Drew Kniffin

“As an operator, I wanted to find someone who could not only handle the asset management for my portfolio, but our team needed someone to also bring new ideas and challenge existing ones as well. Thankfully, Tactical and I had an instant connection because we are both on the same page when it comes to maximizing investor returns while still driving operations towards providing safe and affordable housing for our tenant base. I would recommend Tactical to anyone who is looking to have an honest, professional asset manager to be a part of their team.”

Kyle Jones


Market and Property Selection

Using extensive analysis and leading market data tools, we are equipped to source compelling deal flow in the top emerging markets in the US.

Extensive Network & Relationships

Our network of sell-side brokers, lenders and property management firms runs deep. No matter where you’re looking to purchase, we can assemble a winning team of professionals to ensure your acquisitions are poised for success.

Underwrite and Negotiate Smart Purchases

We maintain common-sense discipline in our approach to underwriting apartment communities while remaining creative in order to negotiate attractive terms with sellers. As a result, we are able to target ideal acquisition candidates with a very high win rate in competitive situations.

Manage Due-Diligence

We have developed proprietary tools and systems to manage the due diligence process over the course of multiple acquisitions. In the process, we have been able to secure additional revenue opportunities others might have missed and negotiate price adjustments based on our findings.


Financing & Closing

Our detail-oriented approach allows us to work quickly and efficiently with our lending partners, resulting in fast closings with the certainty of close. We realize that every day counts and work relentlessly to ensure a closing deadline is never missed.

Units Purchased

Million Value Of Assets Purchased

Million Successfully Financed

“Patrick Duffy and Tactical have been one of the most sophisticated and educated borrowers that I that I have had the privilege to work with over recent years. They are every lender’s dream client as they are quick to respond to all needed loan due diligence and questions about his specific deals. I look forward to continuing to build a strong relationship with them in the future.”

Josh Finley

“Our team has worked with Tactical over the last couple of years on many transactions. Tactical has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Efficient, smooth, and very thorough. We look forward to closing many more properties with them.”


Blake Pera

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