The Tactical Monday Morning Dashboard for Multifamily Operators

Free Download: A Weekly Dashboard You Can Use To Quickly Assess Your Property’s Income, Delinquency and Leasing Velocity in order to Identify Warning Signs (Before They Sabotage Your Cash Flow And Become A Nightmare To Correct)

What is the Tactical Monday Morning Dashboard?


A Powerful Accountability Tool For Property Management

The Tactical Monday Morning Dashboard is a powerful tool to keep your Property Manager honest and accountable. With this tool, your Property Manager will be held responsible for staying on top of weekly trends and working with onsite personnel to counter potentially dangerous trends.

A Consistent Measurement System For Income and Delinquency

The Tactical Monday Morning Dashboard is a consistent measurement system for your property’s income and delinquency trends over your ownership period. Using this simple but powerful system, you will be able to compare weekly, monthly and annual patterns across these vital metrics.

A Vital Monitor of Leasing Velocity

The Tactical Monday Morning Dashboard highlights the leasing velocity and make-ready efficiencies of your Property Manager. Once implemented, this dashboard will clearly show whether or not your Property Manager is turning units in a timely fashion or holding inventory back from potential tenants.

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