In this episode, Whitney interviews Patrick Duffy, Managing Partner at Adagio Group. Since January 2017, Patrick and his partners have acquired more than 2,000 units. Patrick reveals the various benefits of multifamily syndication, and shares why you should not hesitate from starting large as you venture into real estate investing. How can an inexperienced syndicator partner with someone well-known? How can you implement rigid systems and processes to prevent any leakages? And, what is the most difficult part of real estate syndication? Tune in to find out!

Multifamily Syndication: Efficient Asset Management

by Patrick Duffy | The Real Estate Syndication Show hosted by Whitney Sewell

Patrick Duffy

Patrick Duffy grew up in Southern California before heading east for college. After graduating from Harvard in 2013, he returned to SoCal to work as a residential loan analyst. Before long, Patrick was unhappy at his job, and he started to look for a way to replace his income with real estate. After considering single-family rentals, he decided that multifamily was the fastest way to achieve his goal.

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