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We perform a detailed review of your current revenue performance and implement proven income increasing initiatives from day one.


We perform a detailed review of your current operating expenses and identify areas where spending can be reduced or eliminated.


We work with Property Management to refine data capture and provide your team with high level and detailed reports on a weekly and monthly basis


We make owning apartments painless and enjoyable. You’ll receive all the benefits of tax-advantaged wealth and cash flow, without having to deal with the day-to-day responsibilities of asset management.

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What’s Included?

We’ll Do All The Work, So You Don’t Have To.

Weekly Reporting

Includes working with Property Managers to standardize weekly reports to Owners.

Jurisdictional Reporting

Includes special jurisdictional reporting to Housing Boards or other special assessment and program authorities.

Investor Distributions

Includes working with Property Managers to complete quarterly ACH distributions to Owners and Investors.

Property Refinance Management

Includes managing the refinance of assets and interfacing with Owners to complete lender requirements.

Property Sale Management

Includes managing the sale of assets and working with Owners to finalizing listing plans, track offers and manage closing.

Cost Segregation Analysis Management

Includes working with preferred cost segregation vendors to complete studies on new acquisitions.

Monthly Reporting

Includes monthly reporting to by Owners for internal use or distribution to Investors.

On-Site Inspections

Includes Monthly and Quarterly site-visits to the property based on project scope.

Capital Improvement Project Management

Includes project scoping, bid procurement and presentation to Owners for approval.

Unit Renovation Project Management

Includes unit renovation tracking, renovation strategy and post-renovation rent capture.

Lender Renovation Draws

Includes working with lenders to submit proper documentation for draws from renovation reserves.

Investor Relations

Includes working with Owners to address Investor questions and concerns.

Property Manager Oversight

Randomized auditing of financials to catch mistaken reporting and benchmarking Property Manager performance.

Bid Procurement

Includes working with Property Managers to procure bids for capital expenditure projects and clearing scope with Owners.

Revenue Optimization

Includes working with Property Managers to reduce loss to lease and enhance revenue capture.

Expense Minimization

Includes working with Property Managers to reduce heightened expenses and negotiating discounts with vendors.

Annual Budgeting

Includes working with Owners and Property Managers to develop annual budgets for properties.

Tax Preparation

Includes working with Tax Partners to finalize books and prepare K1’s for Owners and Investors.

Property Tax Payments

Includes market-specific assessments and working with property tax experts to appeal assessment increases.

Lender Reporting

Annual reporting to lenders with property financials and other requests.

Insurance Renewals

Includes working with Insurance Partners to renew policies and establishing master policies where possible.

Loan Payments

Includes monitoring loan payments on a monthly basis and updating draw procedures if any revisions are made.


1. What Types of Properties Do You Asset Manage?

Tactical specializes in the asset management of Class A-D multifamily (100+ unit) properties.

2. Is This Service Nationwide?

Yes. Tactical can take on asset management assignments throughout the continental United States.

3. Is There a Minimum Number of Units For Your Service?

Yes. Tactical will only asset manage multifamily communities with 100 units or more.

4. Will You Asset Manage Single Family Portfolios of 100 units or more?

No. Tactical will not consider the asset management of SFR Portfolios.

5. Does Your Service Require A Long Term Contract?

No. All Tactical Asset Management Agreements are month-to-month and may be terminated with a 30 day notice without cancellation fees.

“As a multi-family manager, we have worked with Tactical Asset Management for several years. They anticipate our needs as a property manager, know the right questions to ask and the right strategic moves to make at their properties. Their expertise makes our job very efficient, so that we can focus on the real issues.”

David Shores

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